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Our Mission


Our company exports high quality domestically produced used cars Hyundai Kia Ssangyong Renault Chevrolet, used car parts, used tires, trucks, buses, forklifts, heavy equipment tires, used excavators LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics home appliances and electronic products to all over the world, and we have a subsidiary in Sri Lanka. there is. We import or export high-quality Golden Cinnamon produced in Sri Lanka, and directly import and export high-quality GEM produced in Sri Lanka. Blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds come from Sri Lanka.

GlobalEagleWings Co., Ltd.


Our company has a variety of Korean used cars, used car parts, Korean used tires, Korean large retreaded tires, Korean electronics LG Samsung, and domestic used excavators, and we can deliver the products you want to you quickly and with good quality. Please pay attention as there are many diverse and high-quality products.

We work honestly and without lies, and this is our company’s mission. By choosing us, you can safely receive high-quality products to your country, which is an opportunity to create a safe and long-term partner. Do you want to join our company?

Our Story


Our company is a company where Korean owner David Choi and Sri Lankan owner H.G.W. Sagara serves as internal directors. Our company operates directly in Korea, which is ranked 10th in the world economy. And we have the advantage of establishing a company in Sri Lanka and dealing with natural resources such as Cinnamon and Gems in Sri Lanka. Through the collaboration between Korea and Sri Lanka, we can see synergy with good quality items and compete honestly, quickly, and with good quality. Above all, I am working with sincerity and responsibility. Like the company’s name, it will jump from global to eagle wings and look at customers with quick, accurate eyes to meet needs.

Our Team


Our Korean and Sri Lankan offices have following departments:
Production Department, Accounting Department, Purchasing Department, Sales Department, Trade Department







Why Us?


We work honestly and without lies and this is our company’s mission.

If you choose us, it is an opportunity to safely receive good quality goods safely to your country and create a safe and old partner.

Would you like to join our company?


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